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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 20, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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. >> to those members of congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better, or question the wisdom of me acting where congress has failed. i have one answer. pass a bill. >> the president spoke from the white house tonight announcing the biggest change to our immigration system in nearly 30 years. republicans are livid.
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>> but first that badly needed rain pounding the bay area tonight this video from san jose short time ago. >> and snow is falling in the sierra. welcome sight for skiers and the state water watcher. >> about need it so desperatel desperately. >> let's get started with abc 7 news fv hi drew. >> we were dodging the drenc drenching downpour throughout the bay area early this evenin evening. if wave of moisture moved through from the north bay wept straight down to the south bay and many of us picked up healthy rain total but if live doppler 7hd showing you all is quiet out there. one long shower barely visible on radar to the east of san jose. talking about rain total in san francisco just over half inch of rain take a look at kent field over an inch of rape. oakland half inch. redwood city point 14 inches of rape. san jose with point 11 inches of rain. don't put the rain
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gear away just yet. we will see a temporary lull in the rain but we track storm 3 on the heels of our second storm we just had this evening. talk about the timing the details and the full accu-weather 7 difficult forecast. in just a few minutes. >> thanks very much. >> we you can see what is happening and showing up on live doppler 7hd any time you wish with the abc 7 news weather app. it works great. it's free on a el app store or google play. we also have more information at abc 7 slash app. >> major back up getting out of san francisco tonight. weather related. this is the 60 way on the approach to the bay area. chp says there is water on the roadway on the tunnel of the tunnel and people slow down when they hit it. >> the president unveiled the new immigration plan tonight and dared next year new republican controlled congress to reverse his action. announcement setoff celebration and protest this was the scene on pennsylvania avenue in front of the white house tonight. unleash a flurry of protest from critic who say the
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president exceeded his constitutional authority t.karen has more on what the president announced in tonight nationally televised address. >> the president obama says he must fix a broken immigration system. because congress if has failed to do it. >> common sense meddle ground approach. if you meet the criteria you can come out of the shadow and get right with the law. >> executive order give temporary legal status but not citizenship. to more than 5 million undocumented immigrant immigrants. almost all of them 4.1 million are the parents and family of u.s. citizens who have been here in the u.s. for more than 5 years. and have no criminal record. >> tracking down rounding up and deporting millions of people isn't realistic. >> tonight action gives them a new security. >> we won't have to worry about driving on the street with our driver's license and police pulling us over. >> president expanding the program from 2 years ago to include protection for 300,000 moro undocumented immigrant who
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were brought here illegally. republicans are livid. they say the president goes way beyond the power. >> president has said before that he's not the king and emporer but sure abingtsd like one. >> response. >> those members of congress who question my authority to make immigration system work better or question the wisdom of me acting where congress has failed i have one answer. pass a bill. >> tomorrow president obama will sign these executive actions at high school in las vegas. same place he launched the push for immigration reform nearly two years ago. karen abc news washington. >> after the speech governor brown tweeted tonight in the face of washington grid lock the president stepped up for hard working family across america. there are estimated 500,000 undocumented immigrant living in the bay area and tonight a large group of people attended immigration watch party in san jose. >> very difficult for my famil
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family. finance 8. you think your father will qualify for this program. >> yes. couple good things this time but we demand more action. >> if sill cop valley tech company got good news. president executive order will make it easier for highly skilled immigrants graduate and entrepreneur to stay in the united states. president says he will sign the order tomorrow in las vegas. >> secret service agent arrested michigan woman carrying 9mm. handgun outside the white house tonight. arrest shortly after the president announcement. man arrested near the white house yesterday with a rifle. >> where is the line for police between subduing aggressive prisoner and abusing him. that's what a jury in sonoma county has to decide soon after deputy repeatedly taze the man in his jail cell while camera were rolling. wayne has the story. >> if what are you doing? why are you pushing on me? >> next month the jury in santa
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rosa will see the video and be asked to reach a verdict. is it unnecessary use of force or merely restraint for suspect own safety. depends on who you ask. man on the jail floor. i was already on my back on my stomach face down in handcuffs. if what more can someone do. or the sonoma county sheriff's department which tazed him 23 times in 29 minutes. >> his primarily his fault. he's taking out the bar. breaking the wires. he's actively fighting them the so at that point the tears is not effective. >> sonoma county sheriff's office says they found him legally drunk in the car after an accident on new year's day night 2013. he says he had not been driving. someone else crashed the vehicle and left the scene. that's only part of the case though. the da office also says this video proves he was resisting arrest and assaulting correctional officers. >> they submitted it as evidence this video even
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survived is about it's almost comical. >> defense attorney isaac swagger long criticized the sheriff's department for over use of force. this case he says is unpleasant but perfect example. >> it was inept. it was sadistic. it was brutal and wholly inexcusable in. court swagger will show the photographs taken after roth left jail. he claims deputy dislocated his shoulder. gave the hands permanent nerve damage and beat him in the face. assistant sheriff walker says most of this 29 minute struggle takes place while waiting for an ambulance to take him to the hospital. >> the injuries that he left here with are the injuries that he inflicted upon himself while he was out drinking and drivin driving. the injury to his face are all from the car accident. >> i tried testifying i could to stay alive. case goes to trial on december 11. tell leading to innocent of 3 charges and if his defense attorney has his way, a sheriff's department defending
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its own actions. as well. from santa rosa, wayne friedman abc 7 news. >> we are hearing for the first time from the san francisco zoo after the death of baby gril the zoo director defened her organization against safety concerns raised by visitors and animal advocate groups. he was crushed by closing hydraulic door at this exhibit nearly two week ago. the i-team following the story very closely and dan spoke exclusively with the zoo director about what is being done to fix the problem. >> this investigation is a continuing i have planned to to disciplinary action. we are trying to find a future fix so that this never happens again. >>reporter: tonight on channel 7 you see dan full i-team report on why the zoo keeper involved in the tragic incident feels betrayed by the zoo director. >> san francisco police district attorney office are warning the chinese american community about a new wave of
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so-called blessing scam. thieves stealing money warding off evil spirit. vick lee has more. fight of the women we spoke with here are already on guard. they have seen the san francisco police video. reenactment showing how the blessing scam works. thieves convince rhe victim she's possessed by evil spirits. so they can cure her purifying her valuable. she gives them her money and jewelry. thieves switch bag hyped her back. the victim goes home and finds her valuables gone. >> in the 2 cases reported to the the police over 100,000 in cash and valuable were taken from members of the community. >>reporter: more than 100 china town residents showed up at port smith square to hear the latest on the blessing scam to get grocery bag and brochure with warning and phone numbers to call. police and the district attorney office held a similar event a couple of years ago. when elderly chinese women were being swindled of
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cash and jewelry. >> we had about 47 reported cases. we had over 1 million dollars in property was stolen here in san francisco. >>reporter: gang of 4 chinese national responsible for many of those thefts. with the arrest the fraudulent scheme seemed to stop. but now new cases have surfaced t.1 80,000 dollars have been stolen so fa far. police chief sir says the scams are sickly came. every couple years the groups come over from china and they try to make hay with this blessing thing and folk that are superstitious play into it. >>reporter: the latest case this suspect was arrested as she was about to board a flight out of new york to china exploratorium police had circulated her photo at airport around the country. at least 2 of her accomplices are still at large. in all, 2500 bag were distributed in different parts of china town today. authorities hope this message works. vic lee, 7 news.
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we have much more here ahead on this thursday night. rogue robber are targeting you. it's a crime police say can happen any tame day or night. who is most at risk. >> snow bound on the east coast. 5 feet of snow on the ground and there's more to come. >> bay area makes another bid to host the summer olympic. but where would the games be held and can we actually afford to host them. stay
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(girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> people are being ripped off in increasing numbers in the bay area. by ripped off i mean ripped off. gold chain theft on the rise again. police warn those wearing them to be very careful. chris winn found 2 south bay law enforcements agency are even teaming up now trying to put a stop to the out remaining us robbery. >> areers behaving boldly in silicon valley. recent wave of crime targeting south asian women. >> can we walk safely to the grocery store or if the mail or to do anything any more because i hear of all the incidents even in broad daylight. >> law enforcement personnel in sunnyvale and santa clara dealt with more than 50 cases of women having the gold jewelry snatched from around the neck. it has gone so bad that 2
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agency have come together sharing the resources to figure out why. >> the suspect just blatantly approaching our victims and brandishing a weapon or push them out of the way and grabbing the jewelry and taking off. >> this is video of similar incident last year in southern california. investigators are encouraging the community to report these crimes right away. the suspect locally are described as black or hispanic men in their early 20's. with little information to good off of officials are also working with a translator to spread the word. >> we put together a safety near for our community that we distributed through businesses, apartment manager, different apartment complexes religious institutions. >>reporter: until these crook are caught tom south asian women in silicon valley remain hyper vigilant. >> most difficult it's fine but you never know. it's your unlucky detail you don't want to chase after all this. >>reporter: police really counting on the community help to catch these crook. anyone
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with information can call either department. reporting in santa clara tonight, chris winn abc 7 news. >> 2017 america cup race moving outside the u.s. to bermuda. according to the associated press. billionaire larry made the decision after consulting with the ceo of his sailing team. san diego also in the running. race last held on san francisco bay in 2013. city officials say it lost 11.5 million dollars hosting that event. >> ready for this. we may lose america cup we put in the bid for the olympic again. carolyn tyler on the fourth time which could be the charm. >> certainly doesn't look like much now but this area off highway 101 in brisbane known as bay land could become the sight of 350 million dollar pop up olympic stadium. it would hold the opening and closing ceremony of the 2024 summer games exploratorium american
9:17 pm
competitor are los angeles. boston and washington, d.c. >> our strength is our diversity. >> san francisco has bid unsuccessfully three times before. the last an attempt by then mayor newsom for the 2016 games. the focus this time is on a regional push. using existing facilities like the cal bears and stanford stadium as well as levi stadium in santa clara and at&t park. estimated it will cost 4 and a half billion dollars to host the olympics. >> i think for our residents and taxpayers and tax base i think they want me to make sure that i have kept a good eye on the financing of this and we look towards a level of enthusiasim that would generate the private dollars to come in to do this properly. >> cautionary tale. it was supposed to generate more than 1 billion dollars in regional economic activity. but ended
9:18 pm
up costing the city more than 11 milsap fran supervisor a critic of that sporting event is a critic of this one too. >> i think it's really important that as we go forward that we make sure that we put plans forward to put us on. that are going to be successfu successful. won't overwhelm taxpayers. that are going to have real benefits for community and not seeing a trick that he will comes did you know and big corporate give await a minute many hurdle before this barren spot could host world class athletes. u.s. olympic committee would have to decide if it wants an american city to even tray for the games. and if the san francisco bay area is chosen, it would then have to be an international field. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> snow storms being blamed for the death of at least 10 people in western new york. tonight up to 2 more feet of snow coming down from new york to michigan. buffalo area is
9:19 pm
buried in drift up to seven feet high. there has been close to 3 feet of new snow today roofs starting to collapse under the weight. homeowner are shoveling snow off the rav and driveway to reduce the danger and word tonight the bill jets game on sunday played indoors in detroit. >> you know it's bad they captain play football. >> yes awful. >> all right spencer was out to gather food for the food banks today fight we are talking rain not snow. unfortunately for tahoe folk with love to see. >> not much snow up there. >> few inches. melt by saturday unfortunately. in the short-term tonight we are dealing with another issue. not the rain. it's the visibility. live doppler 7hd will show you after an afternoon and evening where we get soaked across the bay area. we are finally seeing some dry sky tonight. here's the issue we talked about. so much moisture in the at months fear thanks to the rain. reduced advice interest in santa rosa rate now. visibility is did
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you know to quarter mile in concord half mile and tomorrow morning i think a lot of locations will wake up to reduced visibility so anticipate fog for the morning rush. outside live look from the exploratorium camera point to go downtown san francisco and financial district. the clouds bricking apart a bit. some stars out there but we remain mainly cloudy overnight tonight and will keep temperatures on the the mild side. take a look. in the 50's. typically drop into the 40's this time of year but 57 in san francisco. 55 currently in oakland. 56 in hayward. santa rose coming in at 48 degrees and right now san jose currently 54 degrees. satellite radar set up we track first off here's the cold front that mavs through here early this afternoon. soaking showers. the showers are now departing but open the heels of this system there's a third city. another cold front slowly approaching and this one will move in saturday morning an start the weekend off on wet nose. take a look at the forecast starting off tomorrow tomorrow evening at 11:00 o'clock, 11:00 o'clock at
9:21 pm
nature we see cloud over much of the bay area. few light showers in the north bay then the cold front tv slide to the south and saturday morning 7:00 a.m. we notice showers in san francisco south and north bay taper the showers and by the afternoon the cold front out of here drying out our sky and saturday afternoon should be on the dry side. which is great news because we have an important football game saturday afternoon. we have stanford versus cal and memorial stadium. calling for partly sunny sky but dry temperatures in the 60's at 1:00 p.m. 61 degrees by 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon. talking about the high elevation snow. not a lot unfortunately around tahoe. maybe this evening jaws few inches above 6500 feet but saturday the next system a bit warmer and we track mostly rain which will melt some of that snow we get tonight. back in the bay area overnight low 40's in the north bay. 50's elsewhere. 52 in san francisco. dropping to about 48 in san jose. tomorrow not prettiest lacking day. we dry and stay mainly cloudy after
9:22 pm
morning fog 61 in san francisc francisco. about 63 in oakland. 63 in palo alto. 60 right along the coast in morgan hill 63 degrees. accu-weather 7 day forecast tomorrow we are dry but mainly cloudy saturday starts off on a wet note drying by saturday afternoon. sunday definitely the better look of the 2 day this is weekend guy. dry sunshine if the 60's then by thanksgiving we are mild in the 70's by wednesday that the 60's by turkey day. >> turkey bell games on thursday. >> grit to go. >> thanks very much. >> still to come on 7 news at then. dangerous out there for pedestrians. >> how the city of san francisco is work to go make >> how the city of san francisco is work to go make the streets s♪ ♪.
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>> all right update breaking news. this is sky way on the
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approach to the bay bridge. chp says water on the roadway in the tunnel anchorage at the island drains cleared. people slowing did you know as they hit the puddle of water in the tunnel. the lane that was closed in the tunnel has been open but there is a lane still coned off east of the tunnel. so it's just really slow going headlights coming at you trying to get to the bay bridge and it's a mess but it's at least beginning to improve. >> san francisco police department is getting 200,000 dollar grant to improve pedestrians safety. so far this year 17 people have been killed on san francisco streets last year 21 pedestrians. grant from the state office of traffic safety. money to increase enforcement at high traffic intersections. >> know that when you are cross ago street in san francisco that you are in harm's way. do not assume anything. please don't be distracted by an electronic device. >> in addition to handing out
9:27 pm
more traffic tickets san francisco police will use the funds to make safety presentation at schools and to community group. >> stay here with us we have more to bring tonight up next uc she down. university of california of approves 5 years of fee increase as students continue around the clock protest. >> miles per hour dream out of reach. what make the bay area housing market so unaffordable. >> bill cosby the bully? you want to hear what he said to a reporter who asked him about sexual assault claims. >> another half hour of this is the time of the year when the flu starts to spread. before the first sneeze, help protect with a spray. before the first tissue, help defend with a wipe. and help prevent with lysol. to get ten times more protection and kill 99.9%
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>> 7 news. >> group of students took over wheeler hall at uc berkeley to protest tuition hike this morning. short time later
9:31 pm
increase fees by 5 percent every year over the next 5 years. that's about 6 14 dollars per year. lee ann has more on the consequences of today's vote. >> be ready to fight. >> are you ready to fight. >> uc students forced to leave the regent meeting for disrupting today vote there were no surprises full board voted 14 to 7 in favor of increasing tuition by 5 percent every year for 5 years. the regent agreed with the the uc president in that the funding increase coming from prop 30 aren't enough. >> care about preserving the academic quality of university of california. other message we need more support in the state of california. >> prop 30 approved by voters 2 years ago. it raises taxes to funded indication. and governor brown had said the money would be guaranteed uc kept tuition for 4 years now
9:32 pm
some wonder if the regent decision could become fire in sacramento. lieutenant governor newsom predicted the governor with not take any punitive action against uc. >> i'm confident he will commit himself to looking for additional resource was strings tachltd you can't just provide money for the status quo. >> this is not a financialally sustainable business model. >> instead vow to look for more funding to avoid any future tuition increase. former speaker said uc acted prematurely. >> if you look this week new reports indicate that revenue for the year are up 2 billion while projection this should give us a sense of optimism for what is possible. >>reporter: students less optimistic and continue to occupy wheeler hall. at uc berkeley, abc 7 news. 3 students went to the hospital to be check out after scare in a forensic science class in alamo today. they
9:33 pm
were called to meddle school at 11:00. students were taking part in fingerprinting experiment when reported not feeling well. they were wearing protective clothing and goggles. >> they were using approved chemicals to do fingerprinting. same thing that are used in a police department. >> best to explain as irritant.y were wearing mask at the time. kind of particular at mask so it could have been contributing of coursetor to respiratory irritant. >> class was evacuated but emergency crew didn't find any hazardous material. all the students were back in class this afternoon. >> u.s. military release new video tonight of airstrike against isis. u.s. central command posted video on you tube saying the strike took place on wednesday. target include a building 2 tunnel and 2 bunker in iraq. video shows ammunition bunker blowing up just north of of north of iraq if u.s. carried out the
9:34 pm
striking or one of the 7 other coalition partners, unclear. >> government report found 1 in 3 american adults drink excessively but most are not alcoholics. the cdc prevention release report today searchers found that 9 out of 10 people who drink too much the don't meet the criteria why for alcoholism instead considered binge drinkers. cdc believes treatment programs for alcoholic don't work for those people what does work raising praises and reducing place alcohol purchased. >> el now to explosive new video that bill cosby refs to answer question about alleges of sexual abuse then pressure reporter as you see not to air the exchange. cecelia with the dramatic moment between the comedy legend and that reporte reporter. >> no no we don't answer that. >> tonight newly released video of famed comedian bill cosby revving to answer questions about decade old sexual assault allegations. >> persona people know about
9:35 pm
bill cosby should she believe anything differently about. >> there is no comment about that. >> associated press releasing this november 6 interview with the famous comedian and his wife of 50 years ka michlt he goes on to scold the reporter. >> i don't want to compromise your integrity. but about we don't, i don't talk about it. >> listen as cosby then asks that the exchange not be made been. >> new can i get something from you? >> what's that. >> that none of that will be shown. >> i can't promise that. >>reporter: cosby insisting. >> and i would appreciate it if it was scuttled. >> i hear you. >> i think if you want to consider yourself to be serious about that it will not appear anywhere. >>reporter: we spoke to the reporter who defend his line of questioning. >> i would actually have no integrity if i didn't ask these questions. these are serious
9:36 pm
allegations. >>reporter: despite nbc and netflix scrapping upcoming project and tv land yanking the cosby show rerun off the air, cosby will perform tonight and tomorrow as scheduled. abc news san francisco. >> home ownership in the bay area gets further out of reach than ever before. real estate web site truly report san francisco metro area is the least affordable urban center for the middle class in the u.s. truly found on 15 percent of homes in marin, alameda, cocoa, san francisco counties are within reach and to qualify home buyers would have to make about 86,000 dollars a year. >> well did you know that you can make money just by using your smart phone. sasz.chael shows us
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>> you know the smart phone can take calls. it can take text and help you find your way. even entertain with you games while standing in line. >> comes in pretty handy but also help you pay for this year hotel difficult shopping. michael explains how. >> this is an app that pays you to try out new app. given a list and told how many toning you can earn by training out the app. >> this is a list of different i o s offers that we have available. with their associated token value. >>reporter: yellow pages. price line. stub hub. kim kardashian. >> yes that's also a popular one. company called glue mobile. >>reporter: this is the ceo of the company that owns token wall. >> so what i think a lot of
9:41 pm
folk do is they they are on the couch at night. watching tv. maybe they are making dinner and they justen stall app and tray them while the focus on the tv or cooking dinner and do it at the same time. >> they have gotten about 5 or 6 if 5 dollar amazon gift card cards. >>reporter: she check out token wall app watching movie and other video i actually will find myself on the app store down loading app then few day later i see it on token wall i could have gotten it for down loading that. i feel like i have lost, i get a little upset like i lost out a little bit like i could have been earning for it. >> another money earning app pose picture you have taken instead of prize or photo assignment. l ceo of finland base scoop shop. >> out sourceing for video and.
9:42 pm
>>reporter: about he's taking picture down at pier 39 and he mate just sell one of them. he made 10 dollars selling a shot of his dog. >> all of a sudden one day i get a notification says about one of your photo has been bought i was like about really i was really happy bit. i was really i wasen that you said because i'm just a hobbyist. not a pro photographer. >> i post link to both money maker on the web site. so good to our web site click on the section tab then 7 on your side. also see all of my reports there and file consumer complaint. 7 on your side. >> now join us fit at 11 for special 7 on your side abc news joint investigation. >> michael undercover to discover dangerous recall product for sale that has even maimed children. >> we look for the problem and explore some exclusions to thi this. recall roulette. tonight at 11:00 over on
9:43 pm
channel 7. stunned by what's available that should not be for say. up next on 7 news at 9. abandoned if pigmy rest kuchltd. >> how it appreciate the simple
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>> all right who among us doesn't love a good massage. >> this sure does. >> the staff from the rare species con searchtory foundaiton released video showing a good rub down with a little tooth brush. >> the death was abandoned by
9:47 pm
her parents. staff reared her by hand that included tooth brush massage to teach her to clean herself she is now happy and healthy even living with a boy friend. foundation hopes the video will help raise awareness with fate to save out of world rare animal. >> link to the web site on abc 7 take a look when you can. she loves that. >> look at her little eye. >> ultimate relaxation. >> look so peaceful. >> kind of cute. >> pigmy. >> very cute. >> update the forecast. >> that's right. latest. >> things quiet down. live doppler 7hd show you there's a little bit of moisture in the south bay just off the coast but elsewhere looking at just mainly cloudy skies. yes if you are wondering we still track snow around the great lakes after 24 hours the snow will end tomorrow evening and portion of new york could see as much as 8 feat. pretty remarkable. high forth friday. chilly at or below freezinging acochs of the great lakes region. 60 in atlanta. showers in dallas. new orleans
9:48 pm
at 69 degrees. back in california we see mainly sunny sky in southern california. high of 70 in l.a. 70 in palm springs northern california showers around rur eek a. 59, 59 the high in chico. bay area low across the board. mainly cloudy skies. 61 if san francisco. 60 see in rich mochbilityd 63 in oakland san jose to 64 degrees. so the 7 day forecast call for mainly cloudy skies. early morning written on saturday sunshine by the afternoon. sunday nice and sunny then early next week we are talking sunshine and 70. >> very good. >> sounds nice thank you so much. drew. >> 7 thanksgiving food drive highlighted bay area food bank this month. >> they help to feed one in 6 of the friends neighbors at risk of going hungry. >> spencer presented redwood empire food bank in santa rosa with a 15,000 dollar check. from abc 7 and parent company disney. >> that amounts to 30,000 meal
9:49 pm
meals. part of 75,000 dollar donation to local feeding america fad bank. >> boy scouts among red wad empire volunteer sort and pack food tonight. you can give where you live by texting the word fee to this number on your screen. this is the number to call. >> do that now and enjoy thanksgiving this week. >> i know some people probably celebrating right now. >> larry is here with that. >> it's like a super wall. derek car gives raider fans something to scream about tonight. win no. 1. finally. it came in dramatic fashion. late in the e
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. staff and beaten just for defending girlfriend. cat calling incident that nearly cost a local man his life. >> plus recall prosecuted for sale on line. tonight on 7 news at 11:00. 7 on your side goes undercover to show us how dangerous products are still on
9:53 pm
the market. >> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 >> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 fight raider fans. wait no more. >> we have one. >> so phone. the feeling they are o and 10 and we are watching this like my goodness they might -- on the edge of your seat here. >> not in the play off chase yet. but finally finally the raiders done it. took a monsoon and late derek car touch down pass that the rai raiders financially have. mother nature violent or loves it. raiders financially gave the ball to murray and did he produce. 2 touch down this is a 90 yard run. maybe they should have been saving him all season long. this is what he can do. 14 nothing raiders. in play in the second half. got lit up right there. drilled in the head left with concussion. raiders up 17-3.
9:54 pm
third quarter chief respond with 17 straight point. smith to charles. weaving his way. 30 yards for the score. 17 apest and the chiefs had field goal raiders down 3. 80 yard drive. car to james jones back on the end zone. 24-20 oaklan oakland. just win? maybe. one last chance for the chiefs. fourth of tlaechbility smith. incomplete. raiders and 16 game losing streak. 2 24-21st win in 3 68 days. >> i'm so help for my team mates. to see them smile. to see them running the ball good and him back to the huddle fired up. feeling bb themselves that's the kind of stuff that fires me up. awesome i play in a lot of big games and emotional games. but that was something special. something i will never forget. put together and no matter what
9:55 pm
our record say. >> they fought hard and won. good job. >> 49ers make the play off push the mystery is what is wrong with our offense. so many play makers. but they score so few points. despite 3 33 yards of offense last weak. niners scored only one touch down settle for 3 field goal and 1 16-10 win over the giants. redskins this week. redskins 3 and 7. they have so many issues of their own. defense rank tenth in points allowed. niners offense coordinator roman the offense is getting better. >> obviously we have to produce more points we know that. and you really look at it. we just have too many negative play so i have to do a better job of coaching. we did a better job of executing and get that right. there's a lot of things beyond the point total that we are very, very positive from that game and much improved from prayer games. >> niner defense may have the
9:56 pm
hands full training to stop yack sochbility 8 19 in receiving yards and 4 touch downs this season. he can beat you over the top with pure speed. he was released by phillies in the off season. frainers were reportedly trying and were close to signing him. he chose washington says he captain way to play back in the bay area. >> able to go back home play in front of my home. family things like that. so great opportunity to good to do that. at the end of the day it's business. hopefully leave there with a win. >> after 16 of the first 21 gyms on the road the shark back home now for 11 of the next 13. starting with the florida panthers shark 3 and 4 on the 7 game roadie so come out with a bang instead are you kidding. 14 seconds in they gave up a goal. nick won nothing florid florida. shark tie in the second. on the power play first save by roberto there but
9:57 pm
logan ties it at 1. the advantage. again. beat him right now in the third period and it is 2-1 panthers. surprise in madison square garden tonight. cal bears upset 23 rank syracuse in two k classicth cal had 4 starters in double figure. bird for 3 of his 16. they were up a dozen at the half. second half with the jordan. matthews show. the steal going the other way. about coast to coast. plus the foul. matthews gym high 22. cal 3 and o now after the upse upset. 73-59. jim har but out of uniform no. black sweatshirt? what's going on here. stanford with the win against yukon hos hosting texas. seconds left. if tied in overtime. atkins for 3. had 16-4 the long horns and texas comes back to win the game in o t. 85 to 81. abc 7
9:58 pm
sports brought to you by toyota. >> we have one. >> still basking in the glow. >> yes. >> you foe what. >> nobody wpts to good. o and 16. definite satelliteing emotionally and it was such crazy atmosphere. >> 1 in 15 is much better. >> yes it is. >> but the rain is coming down. everybody is drenched. it's uses these whacky. >> fans needed it. >> they were so pumped up and then stressful down the stretch and they pull it out. >> awesome. >> we have a streak going. >> yes we did. >> one in a row. >> i'm amma. >> dan ashley for all of us we appreciate your time. we'll >> dan ashley for all of us we appreciate your time. we'll see you again in one hour. big
9:59 pm
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